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Vote for TwitchTV in the 5th Annual Mashable Awards

The nomination period for the 5th Annual Mashable Awards is drawing to a close and we’re asking you to help us get the vote out! For the uninitiated, the Mashable Awards is an annual community-driven online voting contest which recognizes the best companies, people and projects that create the biggest impact on the online landscape. We want to make sure that the broadcasters of TwitchTV are recognized and that’s why we’re asking that you vote TwitchTV for “Best Online Video Streaming Service.”

A vote for TwitchTV is a vote for eSports as well, as a Mashable nomination will help us generate even greater exposure for all our favorite broadcasters and individual players who help make TwitchTV the best online destination for competitive eSports. It’s also a vote to our non-competitive broadcasters who bring you the best in new releases, retro gaming and even gaming-related talk shows. Help us move one step closer to taking over the world! Vote TwitchTV!