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How TwitchTV Is Changing the Game
– 9/9/2011
Since launching in private beta six months ago, the site has doubled in size and is attracting more than 8 million viewers per month. Gamers have viewed over 1 billion minutes of content per month over the past six months. 

Geeks Beat Jocks as Bar Fight Breaks Out Over Control of the TV
Wall Street Journal – 8/23/2011
 In mid-July, during the first North American Star League tournament in Los Angeles, 85,000 online viewers watched Puma defeat MC in the live championship match on, said Emmett Shear, who runs the recently-launched site. 

TwitchTV Leads Video Game Broadcasting With 8 Million Viewers In July
G4TV – 8/11/2011
TwitchTV, the eSports streaming site which launched back in June has gone on to become the world’s largest video game broadcasting community, attracting more than 8 million unique viewers per month.

Justin.TV’s Video Gaming Portal Twitch.TV Is Growing Fast
TechCrunch – 8/11/2011
It looks like the startup’s move paid off. Twitch.TV is growing like gangbusters, and posted 8 million unique viewers worldwide in July. 

Competitive Gaming Video Service Seeing 8M Viewers Monthly
Gamasutra – 8/11/2011
Video game streaming network TwitchTV has revealed that, since launching five months ago, the service’s audience has rapidly grown and it is now seeing more than eight million viewers every month.’s gaming brand posts impressive growth
The Next Web – 8/11/2011
We like TwitchTV because it is the confluence of an explosive genre, new technology, and new media. hits 8M viewers, partners with Blizzard’s largest Starcraft 2 tournament
VentureBeat – 8/11/2011
Online game broadcasting network has passed 8 million unique visitors and 1 billion of minutes viewed in July.

Future US Takes On TwitchTV Ad Sales to Reach 8 Million Gamers
MinOnline – 8/11/2011
The publisher of Mac|Life, Maximum PC and is partnering with online video property JustinTV to become the exclusive ad salesteam for gamer video site TwitchTV. 

JustinTV Lets Gamers Earn Cash with New Twitch Partner Service
Forbes – 07/27/2011
It’s good to see companies specifically catering to gaming and eSports. As it grows in popularity, hopefully someday people might not look at me funny when I tell them I’m staying in this weekend to watch a professional Starcraft tournament. Until then, I’m fine with being a nerd. 

TwitchTV offers partner program for game broadcasters
 – 07/27/2011
Today, TwitchTV (the new game-centric arm of the video streaming service) has announced the details of a new partner program for game broadcasters. 

Video gamers: TwitchTV wants you to quit your day job
– 07/27/2011
Emmett Shear told me yesterday during a phone conversation that the partner program has been a full success: “We have gamers on TwitchTV that are literally quitting their day job.” launches partner program for pro-gaming broadcasters
VentureBeat – 07/27/2011
The best of the best in competitive video-game leagues — called e-sports leagues — already have thousands (if not tens of thousands) of followers.

Competitive Gaming Video Service TwitchTV Launches Partner Program
Gamastura – 07/27/2011 live video game streaming network spin-off TwitchTV unveiled its Partner Program Wednesday morning, which provides competitive gameplay streams, an ad network and revenue sharing opportunities to competitive game players. massively expands its partner program
The Next Web – 07/27/2011’s gaming arm, TwitchTV, today unveiled an expansion to its partner programthat will greatly grow its size and impact. 

Forget Baseball and MMA, the Sport to Cheer for in this Bar was StarCraft
Kotaku – 07/12/2011
It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon in San Francisco, the 10th of July and I’m at a bar called the Mad Dog in the Fog, a divey neighborhood joint in the Lower Haight. Everyone around me is here for the first-ever “BarCraft,” a live-viewing event hosted by internet TV channel’s game-entric channel TwitchTV. Broadcasts Gamers’ Every Move on TwitchTV
All Things D – 06/06/2011
An online TV station is launching today to broadcast people playing video games live over the Internet. It may be a small niche, but it’s a highly profitable one. Debuts Live-Streamed Video Gaming Portal And Community TwitchTV
TechCrunch – 06/06/2011
Today, is unveiling TwitchTV, a live-streamed video game portal and community for gamers. TwitchTV features competitions of a variety of games and platforms with top gamers, tournaments and commentary. 

E3: launches TwitchTV: Pro gaming gameplay vids
Destructoid – 06/07/2011
Our friends at have announced a new site called Twitch TV, a site dedicated to showcasing gameplay video from their most popular gaming broadcasters. The premise is simple: here’s where you can discover the best players and games.

New Site Lets You Watch Pro Video Gamers
Mashable – 06/06/2011
TwitchTV is a new take on esports — live streamed video of professional, competitive video gamers who broadcast their screens and commentators who announce the games.

TwitchTV:’s killer new esports project
The Next Web – 06/06/2011
Aside from winning tournaments and collecting sponsorship checks, how do elite gamers pay the bills? has in fact managed to become one of the top suppliers of income to gamers with its partnership program. launches TwitchTV for live streamed video gaming
GigaOm – 06/06/2011
Live streaming specialist has had huge success lately in attracting gamers to the site, to broadcast — and watch — live streams of professional video gamers battling it out online. So just in time for this week’s E3 video game conference, is launching TwitchTV, a new brand and site devoted entirely to live streams of video games. Launches TwitchTV: Play Games Live, Make Money (Maybe)
TubeFilter – 06/06/2011
Live streaming hub rolled out its first major strike into the booming niche of competitive gameplay in online video with TwitchTV, a dedicated platform for users to broadcast their sick killshots live to the world. Launches TwitchTV: The World’s Largest Online eSports Network
G4TV – 06/06/2011
According to, TwitchTV already generates 3.2 million unique viewers per month, 4.5 hours of video viewed per person per month and more than 45 million total video views per month. Be sure to check out TwitchTV and let me know if you find any streams that you like. Perhaps I’ll tune in! Launches new Gaming Broadcast Service – TwitchTV
All Geek TV – 06/06/2011
TwitchTV was unveiled today at an E3 event by online broadcast company that will cater to online gamers. After’s 5 long years in the live web video arena has led them to a niche market of gamers that need a dedicated place to broadcast their skills. Currently the most popularly watched game is Starcraft 2. 

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