Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cleared for Streaming 12:01AM EST

We’ve received word from Bethesda Community Manager, Nick Breckon, via Twitter this morning that the much anticipated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been cleared for streaming at 12:01AM EST on 11-11-11.

Of course, those with permission from Bethesda are cleared to stream Skyrim already, which primarily means our friends in the gaming press. Check out GiantBomb’s stream with Supergiant Games’ Greg Kasavin at the helm, along with 1UP’s live stream as well.

TwitchTV iPhone App Updated to 1.0.1

Great news for those enjoying the TwitchTV App on iOS as we’ve just released the version 1.0.1 update on the iTunes App Store! This new update features improvements made to chat functionality, fixed sound issues that were occurring for some folk as well as a number of crash issues. Please download it today and tell us what you think! Also, stay tuned for updates concerning future TwitchTV Apps. We’re listening to your feedback and would like to know both what you’d like to see from the App as well as which platforms you’d like to see it come to next.

MW3 Cleared to Stream at 12:01AM PDT

We’ve received a ton of requests asking when it’s alright for broadcasters to begin streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on TwitchTV. We can finally give you the official word, directly from @CallofDuty on Twitter.

You are all free to begin broadcasting MW3 at 12:01 PDT on November 8. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what you all got!

This Weekend on TwitchTV

Canada Cup 2011

CanadaCupThe largest fighting game tournament of the season is here! TwitchTV is the home of Canada Cup 2011 and some of the best players in the world. Tune in November 5-6 to see Justin Wong, Tokido, Mago, Infiltration and many other top players compete in a truly international tournament featuring Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Marvel vs Capcom 3. We will also offer a premium stream for the event that includes a high-definition broadcast, exclusive raffles and contests, and no commercial interruptions – all for just $8.95. Check out the stream this weekend at http://twitch.tv/canadacup. For more information please visit http://canada-cup.ca/.

ASUS ROG Stars Invite

This weekend brings yet another awesome StarCraft 2 event in the ASUS ROG Stars Invite, which takes place in Helsinki, Finland. Eight of the most famous and infamous StarCraft 2 pros in the world are flying in for what should be a spectacular show. Catch IdrA, HuK, White-Ra, DIMAGA, Ret, SeleCT, SjoW, and elfi as they duke it out for bragging rights and $10,000 in cash. And if that wasn’t enough, the fun will continue after the main event is over with an additional $5000 for a community-voted show match! All of the information you need and more can be found on TeamLiquid.

WellPlayed’s Rampage

This week’s edition of WellPlayed’s Rampage series features yet another League of Legends grudge match between FnaticMSI and Team Dignitas. LoL fans, come cheer for your favorite teams and enjoy high-level matches! Info can be found at http://wellplayed.org/rampage.

MOBAFIRE Presents: Take Your Best Shot

The League of Legends community does not slow down and MobaFire’s Take Your Best Shot 5v5 tournament adds yet another huge event for LoL fans this weekend. The broadcast kicks off Friday (11/4) with a match between “u Mad Bro” and “Untrollable” at 7PM Pacific. Be sure to tune in Sunday (11/6) as well to see “Team Curse” take on “Wish LoL” at 3PM Pacific. The stream will be casted by MOBACAST.com and features ColbyCheeze and The Red Baron at the helm. Catch all the action this weekend at http://mobacast.com/live.

Canada Cup 2011 to be Presented by TwitchTV

We are very pleased to announce that Canada’s premiere fighting game tournament, Canada Cup 2011, will be presented LIVE, this weekend on TwitchTV. We’re working very closely with our friends to the North to make sure that everyone at home gets the best possible presentation of the action available at Canada Cup 2011. We’re also thrilled to announce that, moving forward, TwitchTV is the official home of Canada Cup.

In cooperation with Canada Cup, there will also be a premium stream available this weekend. For a flat fee of $8.95, premium viewers will be able to watch the Canada Cup stream in high-definition and without advertisements during the course of the event.

In addition to an HD and ad-free stream, premium subscribers will be automatically entered into a raffle for prize packs from Mad Catz, Canada Cup Gaming, and Hori, including fight sticks, apparel, and more!

Regular (free) viewers will still be able to watch the event at a resolution of 360p, including advertisements.

We are excited to work alongside Canada Cup and we hope you take the time to tune in and enjoy the stream this weekend. For a complete schedule of events, check out the Canada Cup website. To be notified as soon as Canada Cup goes live, please visit their TwitchTV page and click the “Follow” button for email notifications.

TwitchTV Mixer with djWHEAT in San Francisco

After the SMASHING success of our last event with the Beast from the East, White-Ra, we’re doing it again.

The TwitchTV team is hosting a special mixer for fans in startups and tech to celebrate SC2 and esports personality Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham’s visit to San Francisco. This is the first time djWHEAT has come to the city by the bay in four years!

Come to the new TwitchTV offices to meet djWHEAT, play some Starcraft, have a few beers, and generally hang out for awesome fun times. Wheat will be at the office from 6-8pm for photos and to play a few show matches with fans.

Where: TwitchTV Global HQ, 23 Geary St #800, San Francisco

When: Tuesday, November 8, 2011, from 6 – 8 pm

Why: Cuz you don’t want to kill esports!

RSVP on Facebook!

TwitchTV League of Legends Halloween Giveaway (PAX Sivir!)

No one loves dressing up for Halloween more than us here at TwitchTV and no game exemplifies dressing up than League of Legends. We have a few rare League of Legends skin codes to give away and all you have to do is tweet us a photo of your video game themed Halloween costume! Here’s how to enter:

1) Follow @TwitchTV on Twitter
2) Send us a tweet with a picture of you dressed in your video game inspired Halloween costume. It can be inspired by any video game you wish, not just League of Legends, so feel free to go nuts!
3) Submit your photo by 1PM Pacific, November 1.

Three of our favorite photos will receive (1) Exclusive Riot Nasus Skin for League of Legends. The grand prize, however, will go to one lucky winner who will receive (1) Limited Edition PAX Sivir Skin for League of Legends, exclusive to attendees of PAX Prime 2011!

So hop in those costumes, load up on the candy and don’t forget to tweet your photos to @TwitchTV! Don’t forget to follow us as well so that we can message you directly should you win. Good luck and have a happy Halloween!

TwitchTV announced as sponsor of TeamLiquid’s StarCraft 2 team!

Today, we at TwitchTV are proud to announce our official sponsorship of TeamLiquid’s professional StarCraft II roster. Team Liquid is one of the most popular ESPORTS communities, including some of the most recognizable and respected players in the pro-gaming world. At TwitchTV, we consider it our mission to bring the ESPORTS scene to the next level by enabling players, teams, leagues and other organizations to earn a living doing what they love. TeamLiquid and its players have played a critical role in the developing eSports scene, and they exemplify TwitchTV’s core mission and values.

We are honored to have TeamLiquid as part of our community, and are proud to support the organization and players. Welcome! Game on.

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TwitchTV welcomes Jared Rea as new Community Manager

We are proud to announce the arrival of our Community Manger here at TwitchTV, none other than fighting game ambassador “Mr Jared” Rea. Jared is a games industry veteran with more than 8 years of experience as a writer and community manager, and most importantly, a life-long gamer who has been influential in the fighting game casting community, particularly in his role as Creative Director of iPlayWinner.com and the host of Frame Trap, a community driven weekly news program about the fighting game community. We’re very excited to have him on board, and without further ado, Jared:

Hey everyone, I’m Jared Rea, better known as “Mr Jared” within the fighting game community and I am extremely thrilled to be taking on the responsibilities of Community Manager at TwitchTV. As a long-time caster myself, I’ve seen how vital a role streaming services such as TwitchTV can play in the building and nurturing of online communities, and I see this opportunity as one that can create even more opportunities for casters, players, and tournaments of all notorieties and skill levels. A rising tide lifts all boats and so I’m very much looking forward working with members of all the different communities we have here at TwitchTV from StarCraft to Minecraft and from Street Fighter to retro gamers.

The one question I get more often than not is “What is a Community Manager anyway?” It’s always been my opinion that a Community Manager is essentially a conduit of creative energy. It’s my responsibility to ensure that all of you folks out there are getting the most out of your TwitchTV experience as both viewers and broadcasters, but also that your voices are heard loud and clear here at the TwitchTV headquarters in San Francisco. I’ll also be handling the constant day-to-day communication channels we have here at Twitch so you’ll be hearing a lot from me whether you hit us up on Twitter (@TwitchTV), Facebook (facebook.com/twitchtv/) or on your favorite community site such as Reddit, TeamLiquid and more.

Again, I’m very excited to be here and I can’t wait to dig in and help further TwitchTV as a positive, driving force in the world of eSports and online gaming as a whole. If you’d like to follow me personally, feel free to do so on Twitter (@Jaredr). Thanks!

Announcing: The Official TwitchTV iPhone App

Behold! We’ve just launched the official TwitchTV iPhone app. This FREE app brings the entire TwitchTV experience to iPhone users. Available for download now.

View all your favorite channels in HD in full landscape mode. Browse by game, featured or search. And chat with your friends via in-stream, in-app chat.

This has been one of the most-requested features since we launched back in June. We hear you, and we’re stoked to bring it to you today.

Thanks everyone for using TwitchTV. Please download the app today!


Screenshot of iPhone App showing high res gameplay and chat icon.


Screenshot of iPhone App showing chat activity.