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TwitchTV launches advanced statistics tool for broadcasters

At long last, broadcaster statistics are here! TwitchTV has partnered with Mixpanel to provide broadcasters a unique insight into viewer behavior and demographics. Now, it’s easier than ever to maximize the effectiveness of your streams and analyze your performance and traffic across a wide variety of categories.

Located under the “Stats” tab on your TwitchTV Broadcaster Dashboard, broadcaster statistics gives all of our content producers here on TwitchTV a detailed look into the full reach of their streams. Broadcasters can break down their performance by concurrent viewers, unique visitors, commercials played, chat activity, follow / unfollows, viewer demographics, and a whole lot more — all of which can be analyzed by the day, week or month if so desired.

We’ll be talking a lot more about the broadcaster statistics and how best to utilize this new feature to improve your effectiveness as a broadcaster in the future. For now, head on over to TwitchTV Broadcaster Dashboard, take a look at the shiny new statistics, and let us know what you think!

More info and details after the jump!

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TwitchTV welcomes Jared Rea as new Community Manager

We are proud to announce the arrival of our Community Manger here at TwitchTV, none other than fighting game ambassador “Mr Jared” Rea. Jared is a games industry veteran with more than 8 years of experience as a writer and community manager, and most importantly, a life-long gamer who has been influential in the fighting game casting community, particularly in his role as Creative Director of and the host of Frame Trap, a community driven weekly news program about the fighting game community. We’re very excited to have him on board, and without further ado, Jared:

Hey everyone, I’m Jared Rea, better known as “Mr Jared” within the fighting game community and I am extremely thrilled to be taking on the responsibilities of Community Manager at TwitchTV. As a long-time caster myself, I’ve seen how vital a role streaming services such as TwitchTV can play in the building and nurturing of online communities, and I see this opportunity as one that can create even more opportunities for casters, players, and tournaments of all notorieties and skill levels. A rising tide lifts all boats and so I’m very much looking forward working with members of all the different communities we have here at TwitchTV from StarCraft to Minecraft and from Street Fighter to retro gamers.

The one question I get more often than not is “What is a Community Manager anyway?” It’s always been my opinion that a Community Manager is essentially a conduit of creative energy. It’s my responsibility to ensure that all of you folks out there are getting the most out of your TwitchTV experience as both viewers and broadcasters, but also that your voices are heard loud and clear here at the TwitchTV headquarters in San Francisco. I’ll also be handling the constant day-to-day communication channels we have here at Twitch so you’ll be hearing a lot from me whether you hit us up on Twitter (@TwitchTV), Facebook ( or on your favorite community site such as Reddit, TeamLiquid and more.

Again, I’m very excited to be here and I can’t wait to dig in and help further TwitchTV as a positive, driving force in the world of eSports and online gaming as a whole. If you’d like to follow me personally, feel free to do so on Twitter (@Jaredr). Thanks!

New functionality: Link to a specific time in a VOD

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that you can now link DIRECTLY to a specific time within VODs! For example: Check out Liquid`HerO’s sick warp prism micro.

All you have to do is add a time stamp to the end of the URL – in this case we linked to the 102nd minute and 38 seconds by adding ?t=102m38s at the end of the URL (

Gonna keep this post short and sweet so… enjoy! 😀

Addressing Saturday’s lag issues

TwitchTV Community,

We’re aware that some of you experienced video quality issues during the IEM League of Legends tournament on Saturday, and we’d like to apologize sincerely as well as let you know what we’re doing to prevent downtime in the future.

You all rely on us to deliver a high-quality, reliable stream, and our system did not hold up to our usual standard. We let you down. I’d like to assure you that what occurred Saturday was a freak incident, and should never happen again. As a technology driven company, we are dedicated to giving viewers the highest-quality service possible, which is why the minute we became aware of stream issues, our engineering team sprang into action and worked tirelessly to fix the problem. We are happy to report that Sunday’s broadcasts went off without a hitch, and that the specific issue this weekend should now be permanently resolved.

On Saturday we had an error where certain segments of users were being routed to a data center that was wrongly refusing connections, so streams which were very much live, appeared as offline. This led to many users refreshing the streams constantly, which added to the problem, as the people who got locked out would reconnect en masse, outpacing our load balancing and suddenly lots of viewers were receiving crappy streams.  The end result was a downgraded experience across the board.

We have taken a number of measures to combat the root of the problem, which should be resolved permanently. We are also actively planning our next infrastructure build outs in Europe and America which will significantly bolster our video delivery system.

Again, our sincerest apologies. Thank you so much for staying patient as we resolved Saturday’s issues, and we appreciate you sticking with us. We look forward to supporting the next major event on TwitchTV, lag free!


The TwitchTV Team.

Amsterdam Buildout: Increased Server Infrastructure and Stability in EU

This week, we’re excited to announce that we have expanded our infrastructure via a new datacenter buildout in Amsterdam. This was a necessary step for us to take in order to meet the ever-expanding demand for international video delivery on TwitchTV, and should go a long way to provide more stable streams with reduced load times throughout Europe and America.

But wait – this is just the first step in further infrastructure build outs in Europe, America, and beyond. Expect to see more news on this in the next couple of months.



TwitchTV Growing Like Crazy

Thank you to the entire TwitchTV community. We are pleased to announce that more than 8 million of you spent at TwitchTV in July, the first full month since launch. And people noticed.

Check out coverage at TechCrunch and The Next Web. Here’s the official press release. We couldn’t be happier to see the community growing like this.

TwitchTV Partners with Future U.S.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Future U.S, a veteran publisher of tech gaming titles like PC Gamer, Mac|Life, and GamesRadar. Welcome to the team! See below for the full press release

Video Game Media Giants Futre U.S. and JustinTV’s TwitchTV Join in First Corporate Partnership to Serve the Covetefd 18-34 Year Old Demographic

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – Aug 10, 2011) – Future U.S., a leading publisher of gaming and technology media properties, today announced an exclusive partnership with JustinTV, owner of TwitchTV, the world’s largest gaming video and chat community, and home of 300 million monthly global video views per month. The alliance enlists Future U.S. as the exclusive advertising sales team for TwitchTV, enabling Future U.S. to leverage TwitchTV’s massive, engaged community of video game enthusiasts for brand advertising and sponsorships.

By joining forces, Digital Future will deliver a coveted audience of nearly 8 million influential, engaged video game enthusiasts with a strong foothold in the 18-34 year old demographic. Simultaneously, TwitchTV will grow its audience by tapping Future’s established network of loyal gaming fans.

“We’re proud to put our advertising and sponsorship interests in the hands of veteran gaming publishers like Future U.S.,” said Emmett Shear, co-founder and CTO, JustinTV and general manager of TwitchTV.

Future U.S. will also dedicate editorial resources to create new online gaming programming for viewing on both TwitchTV and existing Future U.S. properties, including Editorial staff will provide expert commentary at top trade shows, product launches and online gaming tournaments such as 24 hour round-the-clock gaming marathons and sponsored events.

“We have a proven track record of directly connecting advertisers to special-interest audiences through our digital properties,” said Rachelle Considine, vice president of sales and marketing, Future U.S. “Our partnership with JustinTV and TwitchTV will assist in our efforts to extend our digital capabilities, enabling us to broaden our reach to a wider online audience and deliver new, creative content.”

For further information visit Future U.S. at or TwitchTV at

About Future

Future plc is an international special-interest media group that is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: FUTR). Founded in 1985 with one magazine, today we have operations in the UK and US creating over 180 special-interest publications, websites and events for people who are passionate about their interests. We hold strong market positions in games, music, technology, action sports, film, automotive and crafts. Our biggest-selling magazines in the US include Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Nintendo Power, PC Gamer, Guitar World, Maximum PC and Mac|Life, while our UK business publishes leading titles such as T3, Total Film, Digital Camera, Fast Car and Classic Rock. Our web sites include GamesRadar, BikeRadar, TechRadar, and MusicRadar. Future sells over 4 million magazines each month; we attract more than 11 million unique visitors to our websites; and we host 16 annual live events that attract hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts. In addition, Future exports, syndicates or licenses its publications to 90 countries internationally, making us the UK’s biggest exporter of monthly magazines.

About JustinTV / TwitchTV

TwitchTV is the world’s largest video game entertainment and chat community. TwitchTV features the top gaming personalities, players, tournaments and commentary, in addition to the most active and interesting discussions around video games. TwitchTV provides publishers and advertisers a platform to create long term engagement and commitment from gamers. Learn more at

New feature: Editors

We’ve just rolled out a new feature which will allow you to assign “Editors” to your channel. Here’s the info:

What can Editors do on my channel?

Editors can…

  • Run commercials
  • Update the title of your broadcast
  • Select the current game
  • Split archives on the fly

How do I add and remove Editors from my channel?

Simply go to your Broadcaster Dashboard and click “Manage Editors” on the top right of your screen to add or remove Editors on your channel.

Who should you add as an Editor?

We recommend only adding people you know and trust as Editors. Make sure they understand how to user the Broadcaster Dashboard well, as they will have complete control over cutting VODs and other important aspects of your live broadcast. You may only add “Editors” who already follow your channel.

We hope this feature will make the broadcast experience easier for all. You can now collaborate with friends in order to focus your attention on what really matter – producing awesome and entertaining content. If you have any questions or content, feel free to leave a comment below, or connect to us via Facebook and Twitter.

TwitchTV Launches Partner Program

We have some big news today! We officially launched the TwitchTV Partner Program. See some of the coverage here and here. See here for the official press release.

What is it?
It’s a way for TwitchTV broadcasters (that’s you) to make money on their channels. We take care of all the ad sales and serving, you simply share in the revenue.

The program is available via an application process, and there are some criteria you must meet as a broadcaster before you are eligible. They are:

To qualify as a TwitchTV Partner, you must:

Meet ALL of the following requirements

  • Minimum concurrent viewers average: 500
  • AND Minimum channel views number: 300,000
  • AND Minimum followers: 1,000

Or, meet ANY of the following requirements

  • Minimum concurrent viewers average: 1,000
  • Minimum channel views number: 800,000
  • Minimum followers: 4,000

For newcomers to live-streaming
Aspiring TwitchTV partners who have not yet streamed live content are also encouraged to apply. They simply need to meet the following criteria with regard to pre-recorded video game content (using YouTube as an example):

  • 25,000 subscribers
  • Average 15,000 views per video
Why become a TwitchTV Partner?
As a TwitchTV partner, you are part of a select group that has access features and benefits, including:
  • Revenue sharing – Partners earn advertising revenue generated on their channels, to be paid out on a monthly basis. handles the ad selling and serving.
  • Automatic transcoding – Viewers will be able to switch between 240/360/480/720p/Best quality options on partner channel. This means partners can broadcast in high quality without leaving out fans with poor Internet connections.
  • Early access to new features – TwitchTV is constantly building new features based on feedback from partners and the greater TwitchTV community. Partners get early insight into these features and are usually the first to try them out.

New feature: Broadcaster Dashboard goes live!

Gaming broadcasters on TwitchTV are about to get a package of new functionality and features. These features should make the broadcaster experience smoother, and we hope to gain as much feedback as possible in order to streamline the broadcasting experience. Again, thanks for staying patient with us as we roll out all of the kinks in the TwitchTV beta. I’m confident that we are on the right path to creating the best possible platform for gaming streamers and spectators alike.

First, we are proud to unveil a brand new way to run your broadcast. Without further ado, the Broadcaster Dashboard:

The Broadcaster Dashboard allows users to run commercials with a key press, monitor chat, and cut VODs in 1 convenient location.

The Broadcaster Dashboard has been a long needed feature, and addresses some of the most cumbersome issues when streaming to /

First, instead of typing /commercial in chat you will be able to run commercials with a single click. Second, chat, a stream preview, and the channel topic are now much more convenient to monitor and control. Third, and in my opinion most importantly, you can now cut VODs on the fly. All you have to do is make sure “Cut archive here” is checked, type in a new topic (ex: EG.IdrA vs. oGsMC Game 2 – Metalopolis), and hit enter. Cutting VODs is definitely a pain, but this should alleviate much of the problem and allow for seamless VOD creation.

The dashboard is available immediately – simply point your browser to

If you have any feedback or find any bugs, email thegunrun at twitch dot tv