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The Share Button: Support Your Favorite Broadcasters

How many times have you watched a live stream on TwitchTV and thought to yourself, “You know, this is really great stuff. I wish there was a way I could show my appreciation for the broadcasters hard work and dedication.” Oh, but there is! The answer has been right under your nose the entire time with our good friend, the Share button.

The Share button allows you to perform a number of functions quickly and easily when it comes to showing love for your favorite caster. In the event that you are unaware of the Share button’s location, you can find it just below the main video player on every TwitchTV channel page.

Clicking on the Share button opens up a small window with a few options.

1. Share a link to the stream with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
2. A direct link to the stream page for use IM, email and everyday life (“YOU GUYS GO TO TWITCH.TV/EGHUK THIS IS TOTALLY GNAR!”)
3. Easily copy/paste code which will embed the stream on your site/blog/forum
4. Easily copy/paste code if you’d like the stream chat along with your video

Sharing a link to the stream with your friends is the quickest and easiest way to show appreciation of your favorite broadcasters. Even if you only have a few Twitter followers, every link helps get their name out there and is always very much appreciated.

We also give you the ability to personalize the Twitter message you’re sending out so you can create regular, informed posts as the show progresses. If you want to be super cool and beautiful and popular, you can also tie your Twitter account together with your Facebook so that posting to one automatically posts to the other. Clicking the “Like” button posts a link to the stream directly to your Facebook Wall and News Feed.

The next time you’re watching your favorite broadcasters on TwitchTV, give the Share button a shot. Broadcasters, encourage your viewers to click that button and get the word out on your awesome content! There’s always something great to watch on TwitchTV and the Share button is just one of the many ways to help spread the word.