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TwitchTV League of Legends Halloween Giveaway (PAX Sivir!)

No one loves dressing up for Halloween more than us here at TwitchTV and no game exemplifies dressing up thanĀ League of Legends. We have a few rare League of Legends skin codes to give away and all you have to do is tweet us a photo of your video game themed Halloween costume! Here’s how to enter:

1) Follow @TwitchTV on Twitter
2) Send us a tweet with a picture of you dressed in your video game inspired Halloween costume. It can be inspired by any video game you wish, not just League of Legends, so feel free to go nuts!
3) Submit your photo by 1PM Pacific, November 1.

Three of our favorite photos will receive (1) Exclusive Riot Nasus Skin for League of Legends. The grand prize, however, will go to one lucky winner who will receive (1) Limited Edition PAX Sivir Skin for League of Legends, exclusive to attendees of PAX Prime 2011!

So hop in those costumes, load up on the candy and don’t forget to tweet your photos to @TwitchTV! Don’t forget to follow us as well so that we can message you directly should you win. Good luck and have a happy Halloween!