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DreamHack Winter 2011 on TwitchTV

DreamHack Winter 2011 streams presented exclusively on TwtichTV!

We are proud to announce that all of the broadcasts LIVE from DreamHack 2011 will be available exclusively on TwitchTV! You can catch the StarCraft 2, Heroes of Newerth, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Quake Live, DotA 2, Bloodline Champions, and Counter-Strike 1.6 events LIVE all weekend here on Twitch. 1,235,000 SEK, equivelant to ~$180,000 USD will be passed out to the top finishers in these titles.

We’ve set up a DreamHack Winter 2011 Team Page to make viewing and enjoying DreamHack a breeze – you can now catch all of the official DHW2011 streams in one convenient place.

About DreamHack:

DreamHack is focused on everything you can do with computers, Internet and digital entertainment and culture. DreamHack is a lot of gaming, communication, programming, designing, music composing and whatever you can imagine! We organize a lot of large tournaments and compos and also a great Expo with company’s like ASUS, Telia, Intel, Blizzard and many of the Swedish universities to name a few.

So what are you waiting for? Bookmark the team page, sit back and relax, and enjoy eSports. Oh you, and tell your friends too 🙂

For more information, please see the official DreamHack website.

TwitchTV launches advanced statistics tool for broadcasters

At long last, broadcaster statistics are here! TwitchTV has partnered with Mixpanel to provide broadcasters a unique insight into viewer behavior and demographics. Now, it’s easier than ever to maximize the effectiveness of your streams and analyze your performance and traffic across a wide variety of categories.

Located under the “Stats” tab on your TwitchTV Broadcaster Dashboard, broadcaster statistics gives all of our content producers here on TwitchTV a detailed look into the full reach of their streams. Broadcasters can break down their performance by concurrent viewers, unique visitors, commercials played, chat activity, follow / unfollows, viewer demographics, and a whole lot more — all of which can be analyzed by the day, week or month if so desired.

We’ll be talking a lot more about the broadcaster statistics and how best to utilize this new feature to improve your effectiveness as a broadcaster in the future. For now, head on over to TwitchTV Broadcaster Dashboard, take a look at the shiny new statistics, and let us know what you think!

More info and details after the jump!

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This Weekend on TwitchTV

Canada Cup 2011

CanadaCupThe largest fighting game tournament of the season is here! TwitchTV is the home of Canada Cup 2011 and some of the best players in the world. Tune in November 5-6 to see Justin Wong, Tokido, Mago, Infiltration and many other top players compete in a truly international tournament featuring Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Marvel vs Capcom 3. We will also offer a premium stream for the event that includes a high-definition broadcast, exclusive raffles and contests, and no commercial interruptions – all for just $8.95. Check out the stream this weekend at For more information please visit

ASUS ROG Stars Invite

This weekend brings yet another awesome StarCraft 2 event in the ASUS ROG Stars Invite, which takes place in Helsinki, Finland. Eight of the most famous and infamous StarCraft 2 pros in the world are flying in for what should be a spectacular show. Catch IdrA, HuK, White-Ra, DIMAGA, Ret, SeleCT, SjoW, and elfi as they duke it out for bragging rights and $10,000 in cash. And if that wasn’t enough, the fun will continue after the main event is over with an additional $5000 for a community-voted show match! All of the information you need and more can be found on TeamLiquid.

WellPlayed’s Rampage

This week’s edition of WellPlayed’s Rampage series features yet another League of Legends grudge match between FnaticMSI and Team Dignitas. LoL fans, come cheer for your favorite teams and enjoy high-level matches! Info can be found at

MOBAFIRE Presents: Take Your Best Shot

The League of Legends community does not slow down and MobaFire’s Take Your Best Shot 5v5 tournament adds yet another huge event for LoL fans this weekend. The broadcast kicks off Friday (11/4) with a match between “u Mad Bro” and “Untrollable” at 7PM Pacific. Be sure to tune in Sunday (11/6) as well to see “Team Curse” take on “Wish LoL” at 3PM Pacific. The stream will be casted by and features ColbyCheeze and The Red Baron at the helm. Catch all the action this weekend at

TwitchTV announced as sponsor of TeamLiquid’s StarCraft 2 team!

Today, we at TwitchTV are proud to announce our official sponsorship of TeamLiquid’s professional StarCraft II roster. Team Liquid is one of the most popular ESPORTS communities, including some of the most recognizable and respected players in the pro-gaming world. At TwitchTV, we consider it our mission to bring the ESPORTS scene to the next level by enabling players, teams, leagues and other organizations to earn a living doing what they love. TeamLiquid and its players have played a critical role in the developing eSports scene, and they exemplify TwitchTV’s core mission and values.

We are honored to have TeamLiquid as part of our community, and are proud to support the organization and players. Welcome! Game on.

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New functionality: Link to a specific time in a VOD

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that you can now link DIRECTLY to a specific time within VODs! For example: Check out Liquid`HerO’s sick warp prism micro.

All you have to do is add a time stamp to the end of the URL – in this case we linked to the 102nd minute and 38 seconds by adding ?t=102m38s at the end of the URL (

Gonna keep this post short and sweet so… enjoy! 😀

This weekend on TwitchTV: Hypefestation

BeyondGaming and TwitchTV Present: Hypefestation


Catch the first major Gears of War 3 LAN event, featuring former Gears 1 and Gears 2 pros and commentary by prominent members of the community. Tune in and enjoy! It’s going to be awesome 😀 (oh yeah, and we’re sponsoring the event).

What: 16 Team Gears of War 3 Invitational tournament – Game type: Execution – Team size: 4
When: Saturday, October 22nd from 10AM-10PM EST — Sunday, October 23rd from 10AM-7:30PM EST
Where: Game Time LAN Center in Franklin Square, NY. Live on BeyondGaming’s TwitchTV channel.
Prize pool: 1st place – $2600, 2nd place – $1200, 3rd place – $800 4th place – $400

Make sure to follow Hypefestation on Facebook for updates about the event!

Addressing Saturday’s lag issues

TwitchTV Community,

We’re aware that some of you experienced video quality issues during the IEM League of Legends tournament on Saturday, and we’d like to apologize sincerely as well as let you know what we’re doing to prevent downtime in the future.

You all rely on us to deliver a high-quality, reliable stream, and our system did not hold up to our usual standard. We let you down. I’d like to assure you that what occurred Saturday was a freak incident, and should never happen again. As a technology driven company, we are dedicated to giving viewers the highest-quality service possible, which is why the minute we became aware of stream issues, our engineering team sprang into action and worked tirelessly to fix the problem. We are happy to report that Sunday’s broadcasts went off without a hitch, and that the specific issue this weekend should now be permanently resolved.

On Saturday we had an error where certain segments of users were being routed to a data center that was wrongly refusing connections, so streams which were very much live, appeared as offline. This led to many users refreshing the streams constantly, which added to the problem, as the people who got locked out would reconnect en masse, outpacing our load balancing and suddenly lots of viewers were receiving crappy streams.  The end result was a downgraded experience across the board.

We have taken a number of measures to combat the root of the problem, which should be resolved permanently. We are also actively planning our next infrastructure build outs in Europe and America which will significantly bolster our video delivery system.

Again, our sincerest apologies. Thank you so much for staying patient as we resolved Saturday’s issues, and we appreciate you sticking with us. We look forward to supporting the next major event on TwitchTV, lag free!


The TwitchTV Team.

This weekend on TwitchTV: MLG, IEM, and Season’s Beatings

Links, schedule, and more after the break….

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Watch IPL3 and DEVASTATION this weekend on TwitchTV!

This weekend brings two awesome competitive gaming events: IGN Pro League 3 Finals in Atlantic City, New Jersey and DEVASTATION 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona — both will be presented LIVE on TwitchTV!

Both events will feature top talent in their respective games – IPL3 will feature StarCraft 2 and League of Legends tournaments, while DEVASTATION will feature fighting game tournaments in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and more. Both events will be presented by world-renowned commentators

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GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am Tournament Finals TONIGHT!

Tonight, September 29th at 6PM PST / 9PM EST, NVIDIA in collaboration with The Game Station and TwitchTV, is happy to present the GRAND FINALS of the GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am Tournament!

This event features $22,000 in cash and hardware prizes, and has brought together international StarCraft II superstars! Tonight, we will see the final three players duke it out for bragging rights and a boatload of cash – catch the legendary IM.Mvp, up and coming star SlayerS.MMA, and wildcard Zerg aTnDarkForce, as well as the Amateur tournament finals!

If that wasn’t enough for you to get excited, the event will be presented by fan-favorite SCII commentators “H-to the usky” Husky and none other than the “thought hammer” himself, Day[9].

The entirety of the event will be viewable on NVIDIA’s TwitchTV Channel. It all goes down at 6PM PST, so make sure to tune in, and enjoy some top-tier StarCraft II action!


If you’re in the San Francisco / Bay Area, come on down to the Mad Dog in the Fog at 530 Haight Street in San Francisco to enjoy the games over a few beers and with a bunch of likeminded nerds.

Watch in 3D

Watch the games in 3D, you say? That’s right folks, head over to , install XMobb, and you can enjoy the games with a totally new perspective. If you sign up before 6PM PST, you will automatically be entered to win one of three ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti’s!


For more info, see NVIDIA’s Website.