GODSGARDEN x TwitchTV VODs and Results

People of Earth, lend Mike Ross your strength …  ¯\(⇀‸↼)/¯

The sound of Tiger Shots echoed throughout the streets of Akihabara this past weekend with a ferocity that hasn’t heard in years. When the GODSGARDEN x TwitchTV Classic Tournament came to its conclusion, the god of Muay Thai fighting, Sagat, was clearly the player favorite in this special tournament where only characters from the original Street Fighter II were allowed.

Some dared to test the god, however, as American player and “The People’s Champ,” Mike Ross (E.Honda) had a very impressive run throughout the tournament. In typical Mike Ross fashion his matches were some of the most exciting of the tournament, such as his nail-biter of a set versus Neurosis (M.Bison). Mike ultimately placed fourth making him both the highest placing foreigner to compete in GODSGARDEN x TwitchTV, as well as the highest placing, non-Sagat player.

While Sagat dominated top three competition, the matches themselves were still very exciting for those who appreciate the subtle art of careful plasma chucking. We’d like to thank the crew at GODSGARDEN for putting together this fantastic event, as well as all the players in attendance! Please join us in congratulating our winners and enjoy the VODs.

1st – Bonchan (Sagat)
2nd – Hanamaruki (Sagat)
3rd – Acqua (Sagat)
4th – Mike Ross (E. Honda)
5th – Neurosis (M. Bison)

GODSGARDEN x TwitchTV VODs Part 1Part 2 Part 3

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