TwitchTV iPhone App Updated to 1.0.1

Great news for those enjoying the TwitchTV App on iOS as we’ve just released the version 1.0.1 update on the iTunes App Store! This new update features improvements made to chat functionality, fixed sound issues that were occurring for some folk as well as a number of crash issues. Please download it today and tell us what you think! Also, stay tuned for updates concerning future TwitchTV Apps. We’re listening to your feedback and would like to know both what you’d like to see from the App as well as which platforms you’d like to see it come to next.

About Jared Rea

I'm a 10+ year veteran of the video games industry, recognized for my accomplishments as a journalist turned community manager.

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  1. Any chance on an ipad app?

  2. Hey guys. I still dont have any sound on my iphone.. It would be such an awesome app if the sound just worked..

  3. hey jared, thanks for the info. i would’ve typed at you on twitter but i figured this is the best place to ask. will you guys be putting out maybe an air app or native mac or pc app for watching in browser is okay, but i get frame rate drops pretty bad and the monitor sleeps on full screen–stuff like that. i figure a dedicated app or maybe HTML5 player would be best, though i do tend to watch archived streams in VLC player. VLC plays excellently with no lag, great fullscreen, ability to offset audio for rerouting/timing issues, and separate volume. it’s probably THE BEST WAY to watch stream archives, it just doesn’t support live streams currently. if this isn’t feasible or worth dev time, i’ll probably end up getting a dongle for my iPhone or an iPad in the future so i can reroute it to the bigscreen.

    with all the solutions you’re working with to support ads synched with video, i feel something like a dedicated app would be an amazing addition to the great apps you currently have. i don’t mind ads and i definitely want to support the gaming scene in general (especially the FGC). if i come across anything that might push us all forward i’ll be sure to try and hit you guys up!

  4. DarkMess1ah

    Love the app ๐Ÿ™‚ Probs a few things to add ๐Ÿ˜‰

    – Airplay support
    – Ability to rotate the screen
    – Don’t need to have the phone on ‘loud’ to be able to hear sound
    – Ability to customize the ‘Games’ page with whatever games we preffer (purely so I can add skyrim to the top of the list ๐Ÿ˜› )
    – Universal iPad app
    – Set own internet connection speed/quality of stream


    – streams cut out whilst loading quite a lot, dk if this is a bug?
    – Sometimes the stream drops from HD quality to the slowest quality, and takes a long time to get back/if ever

    Apart from that, it’s epic

  5. Android!

  6. what about Windows Phone? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. No android love. Get to it.

  8. Need a IPad Version please!

  9. make a IPad version pretty please?? :3

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