TwitchTV announced as sponsor of TeamLiquid’s StarCraft 2 team!

Today, we at TwitchTV are proud to announce our official sponsorship of TeamLiquid’s professional StarCraft II roster. Team Liquid is one of the most popular ESPORTS communities, including some of the most recognizable and respected players in the pro-gaming world. At TwitchTV, we consider it our mission to bring the ESPORTS scene to the next level by enabling players, teams, leagues and other organizations to earn a living doing what they love. TeamLiquid and its players have played a critical role in the developing eSports scene, and they exemplify TwitchTV’s core mission and values.

We are honored to have TeamLiquid as part of our community, and are proud to support the organization and players. Welcome! Game on.

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Here’s what the team had to say:

TwitchTV sponsors TL's SC2 Squad

“To have Twitch.TV as a sponsor is definitely a great move. Twitch.TV is definitely the premier way to stream for SC2, and I’ve really enjoyed my time streaming in large part to them.

Whenever I have a problem with my stream someone from Twitch.TV is always ready to help out. TheGunrun is always helpful, as well as everyone else! Also, Kevin has been an extremely easy person to work with as Twitch.TV’s representative.

Most of the best streamers and big events happen on Twitch.TV, and I’m extremely excited that we’ll be able to have them partnering with TL. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great partnership that leads to more streaming, more games and an all around a great time. Thanks Twitch.TV!”

– Liquid`Sheth

“Though it might be hard for fans to sympathize, there comes a point in every pro-gamer’s career when not every single game feels new and exciting, and you really have to force yourself to play every game. Our lives tend to lack routine, and that makes it hard to squeeze in those ‘one more games.’

That is why I am grateful for streaming as it can insert some much needed structure into our lives. It makes games feel like work, and I mean work in the good way. The way that makes you feel responsible, like you have a duty and goal.

‘One more game’ becomes a lot easier when playing for an audience, and it also makes you try harder – what’s better motivation than looking your best for your fans?

Twitch.TV is the best way to do this. They really help us so out so much, so all we have to worry about is playing our games and talking to our fans; they take care of the rest.”

– Liquid`Jinro
We are very excited about this partnership with TeamLiquid, and we hope to continue to support the StarCraft 2 broadcasting community in general. For more info, see the official TeamLiquid post.

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  1. I love even more for sponsoring TL! ❤ e-sports

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