TwitchTV welcomes Jared Rea as new Community Manager

We are proud to announce the arrival of our Community Manger here at TwitchTV, none other than fighting game ambassador “Mr Jared” Rea. Jared is a games industry veteran with more than 8 years of experience as a writer and community manager, and most importantly, a life-long gamer who has been influential in the fighting game casting community, particularly in his role as Creative Director of and the host of Frame Trap, a community driven weekly news program about the fighting game community. We’re very excited to have him on board, and without further ado, Jared:

Hey everyone, I’m Jared Rea, better known as “Mr Jared” within the fighting game community and I am extremely thrilled to be taking on the responsibilities of Community Manager at TwitchTV. As a long-time caster myself, I’ve seen how vital a role streaming services such as TwitchTV can play in the building and nurturing of online communities, and I see this opportunity as one that can create even more opportunities for casters, players, and tournaments of all notorieties and skill levels. A rising tide lifts all boats and so I’m very much looking forward working with members of all the different communities we have here at TwitchTV from StarCraft to Minecraft and from Street Fighter to retro gamers.

The one question I get more often than not is “What is a Community Manager anyway?” It’s always been my opinion that a Community Manager is essentially a conduit of creative energy. It’s my responsibility to ensure that all of you folks out there are getting the most out of your TwitchTV experience as both viewers and broadcasters, but also that your voices are heard loud and clear here at the TwitchTV headquarters in San Francisco. I’ll also be handling the constant day-to-day communication channels we have here at Twitch so you’ll be hearing a lot from me whether you hit us up on Twitter (@TwitchTV), Facebook ( or on your favorite community site such as Reddit, TeamLiquid and more.

Again, I’m very excited to be here and I can’t wait to dig in and help further TwitchTV as a positive, driving force in the world of eSports and online gaming as a whole. If you’d like to follow me personally, feel free to do so on Twitter (@Jaredr). Thanks!

About Jared Rea

I'm a 10+ year veteran of the video games industry, recognized for my accomplishments as a journalist turned community manager.

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  1. Good luck dude, anything that can help grow eSports will always get a thumbs up from me.:D

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