This weekend on TwitchTV: MLG, IEM, and Season’s Beatings

Links, schedule, and more after the break….

IEM NYC ComicCon

Prize Pool: $40,000 for Counter-Strike 1.6, $21,000 for StarCraft 2, and $32,000 for League of Legends


  • Saturday (10AM EST – 11PM EST)
  • Sunday (10AM EST – 8:30PM EST)

MLG Orlando

Prize Pool: $14,000 for StarCraft 2, $56,000 for Halo: Reach, and $28,000 for Call of Duty: Black Ops


  • Saturday (10AM EST – 8PM EST)
  • Sunday (10AM EST – 6:30PM EST)
Season’s Beatings

Prize Pool: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ($5,000+), Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ($5,000+), special events (TBA)


  • Saturday (10AM EST – 1AM EST)
  • Sunday (11AM EST – 10PM EST)

Stream: TeamSp00ky

Enjoy this weekend’s events on TwitchTV! Tell your friends! 😀

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  1. Using the logo for last years seasons beatings good one FishStix your amazing.

  2. There was so many things to watch at once!
    I’ve never been so nervous of missing a single glimpse of a game as I was during this entire weekend, thanks for the fun! 😀

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