Watch IPL3 and DEVASTATION this weekend on TwitchTV!

This weekend brings two awesome competitive gaming events: IGN Pro League 3 Finals in Atlantic City, New Jersey and DEVASTATION 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona — both will be presented LIVE on TwitchTV!

Both events will feature top talent in their respective games – IPL3 will feature StarCraft 2 and League of Legends tournaments, while DEVASTATION will feature fighting game tournaments in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, and more. Both events will be presented by world-renowned commentators

Everything you need to know after the jump…


All 6 IPL streams will be available here – All 3 DEVASTATION streams will be available here. NOTE: Get IGN Prime to get access to exclusive extra content, swatch the games from the players’ point of view, and much more! Make sure to use the hashtag #IPL3 when tweeting about this event.


IPL will run Thursday – Sunday, starting at 11AM EST / 9AM PST and will run throughout the day. DEVASTATION will run Friday – Sunday, starting at 11AM EST / 9AM PST and will run throughout the day.


IPL will be shelling out $100,000 in prizes for StarCraft2, with an additional $20,000 for the League of Legends Invitational tournament. DEVASTATION boasts over $28,000 in prizes, split between dozens (literally) of tournaments – most notably, $5000 for SSF4AE, $5000 for MvC3, and $5000 for Heroes of Newerth.


Thanks for the continued support everyone! Make sure to watch your favorite games all weekend, invite your friends over for some beers and some gaming, or attend your local Barcraft. Let’s bring eSports to the next level! 😀


DEVASTATION offers a host of Interactive Entertainment and related programming, including professional-level video game tournaments, casual gaming areas, Cosplay and Costuming events, non-gaming and athletic competitions, exclusive product announcements and public demonstrations, artist and press tables, guest appearances, community events, convention and exhibitor displays, charity fundraisers and the definitive eSports Live Broadcast in the world.

About IGN Pro League

The IGN Pro League offers a professional, polished and interactive viewing experience to fans of eSports and supports the development of global competitive gaming through a sustainable tournament system that rewards professional players.

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  1. 1st?
    Goodluck guys! Give it your best shot!

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