GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am Tournament Finals TONIGHT!

Tonight, September 29th at 6PM PST / 9PM EST, NVIDIA in collaboration with The Game Station and TwitchTV, is happy to present the GRAND FINALS of the GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am Tournament!

This event features $22,000 in cash and hardware prizes, and has brought together international StarCraft II superstars! Tonight, we will see the final three players duke it out for bragging rights and a boatload of cash – catch the legendary IM.Mvp, up and coming star SlayerS.MMA, and wildcard Zerg aTnDarkForce, as well as the Amateur tournament finals!

If that wasn’t enough for you to get excited, the event will be presented by fan-favorite SCII commentators “H-to the usky” Husky and none other than the “thought hammer” himself, Day[9].

The entirety of the event will be viewable on NVIDIA’s TwitchTV Channel. It all goes down at 6PM PST, so make sure to tune in, and enjoy some top-tier StarCraft II action!


If you’re in the San Francisco / Bay Area, come on down to the Mad Dog in the Fog at 530 Haight Street in San Francisco to enjoy the games over a few beers and with a bunch of likeminded nerds.

Watch in 3D

Watch the games in 3D, you say? That’s right folks, head over to , install XMobb, and you can enjoy the games with a totally new perspective. If you sign up before 6PM PST, you will automatically be entered to win one of three ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti’s!


For more info, see NVIDIA’s Website.

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  1. I’m not sure that this is the right place to ask, but Fishstix I can’t find your contact info. I am the SSB Melee player that you said you would try to work with awhile back on our next big event. Could you email me/give me your contact info?

    Thanks very much.

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