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GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am Tournament Finals TONIGHT!

Tonight, September 29th at 6PM PST / 9PM EST, NVIDIA in collaboration with The Game Station and TwitchTV, is happy to present the GRAND FINALS of the GeForce StarCraft II Pro/Am Tournament!

This event features $22,000 in cash and hardware prizes, and has brought together international StarCraft II superstars! Tonight, we will see the final three players duke it out for bragging rights and a boatload of cash – catch the legendary IM.Mvp, up and coming star SlayerS.MMA, and wildcard Zerg aTnDarkForce, as well as the Amateur tournament finals!

If that wasn’t enough for you to get excited, the event will be presented by fan-favorite SCII commentators “H-to the usky” Husky and none other than the “thought hammer” himself, Day[9].

The entirety of the event will be viewable on NVIDIA’s TwitchTV Channel. It all goes down at 6PM PST, so make sure to tune in, and enjoy some top-tier StarCraft II action!


If you’re in the San Francisco / Bay Area, come on down to the Mad Dog in the Fog at 530 Haight Street in San Francisco to enjoy the games over a few beers and with a bunch of likeminded nerds.

Watch in 3D

Watch the games in 3D, you say? That’s right folks, head over to , install XMobb, and you can enjoy the games with a totally new perspective. If you sign up before 6PM PST, you will automatically be entered to win one of three ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti’s!


For more info, see NVIDIA’s Website.

Amsterdam Buildout: Increased Server Infrastructure and Stability in EU

This week, we’re excited to announce that we have expanded our infrastructure via a new datacenter buildout in Amsterdam. This was a necessary step for us to take in order to meet the ever-expanding demand for international video delivery on TwitchTV, and should go a long way to provide more stable streams with reduced load times throughout Europe and America.

But wait – this is just the first step in further infrastructure build outs in Europe, America, and beyond. Expect to see more news on this in the next couple of months.



TwitchTV Meetup This Weekend in NYC

TwitchTV fans in NYC: come have a beer with one of the TwitchTV founders, Justin Kan. Justin will be in New York this weekend buying you a beer from 5-7 on Saturday at Common Ground in the East Village. Come by to discuss video games, give your feedback on the site, or just hang!

What: TwitchTV meetup
Where: Common Ground (206 Avenue A between 12th and 13th st)
When: Saturday, Sept. 24, 5pm – 7pm

Common Ground at 206 Avenue A

MLG Global Invitational to be broadcasted on TwitchTV

We are excited to announce the the premier of the MLG Global Invitational will take place tonight, 9/13 at 4:00PM PDT / 7:00PM EDT / 01:00 CEST. The North American tournament will kick off Global Invitational Series tonight LIVE at

Tonight’s matches:

  • EG.IdrA(Z) vs. Destiny(Z)
  • RGNKiWiKaKi(P) vs. majOr(T)
  • RNGsLush(Z) vs.Liquid`Tyler(P)
  • EG.iNcontroL(P) vs. Liquid`Sheth(Z)

The regional tournaments will feature $2,000 USD prizes for the first place winner, $1,000 USD for second place, $500 for third, and $250 for fourth.

Make sure to tune in TONIGHT (starting in 1.5 hours from the publishing of this post) to catch commentary from MLG’s JP and one half of the casting Archon, Artosis.


Destiny and Liquid`Sheth compete in “CHARITYOFF”

Hey folks!

I just wanted to let you all know about a very special charity event taking place tomorrow morning, September 13th, at 10 AM EDT / 7 AM PDT: Destineth or Shethiny’s Charity Event. That’s right, two of the most popular streamers in the StarCraft 2 community are coming together to raise money for Doctors Without Borders.

The catch: the money raised will be generated by ad-revenue, right here on TwitchTV, and whichever stream “wins” after a 24-hour period (i.e. generates more ad-revenue) will the have amount of money made matched by us at TwitchTV.

Tune in tomorrow morning to both Destiny and Sheth‘s streams for high-level StarCraft 2 Zerg play, and, of course, a good cause!

TwitchTV Japanese SC2 Community Cup FINALS

Back in July TwitchTV, in conjunction with the Japanese StarCraft 2 Community, announced the very first JP Community TwitchTV Cup Series event. Four cups took place during the months of July and August, with the top two finishers qualifying for the Grand Finals.

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday starting at 12:00 GMT / 08:00 EDT, we are excited to present to you the GRAND FINALS (Click here to see the official announcement). The 8 qualified players from the previous cups will face off for approximately $1000 + tons of gear from Steelseries in prizes. We hope this event can give exposure to the Japanese StarCraft scene in new and exciting ways. The overall goal is to bring the Japanese players to the forefront of TeamLiquid and the StarCraft community in general, and encourage growth in the Japanese RTS eSports scene. We hope you take the time to tune into the event, or catch the VODs afterwards, and support the SC2 scene in glorious Nippon!


  • 1st Day
    – 11:00 – tournament streamers and operators are online
    – 11:30 – Start broadcasting with commentator
    – 11:50 – Setting up a first match
    – 12:00 – Starting the first match from 1st Round
    – 12:00 – 1st Round
    – 13:00 – 2nd Round, Losers 1st Round
    – 14:00 – 3rd Round, Losers 2nd Round
  • 2nd Day
    – 11:00 – tournament streamers and operators are online
    – 11:30 – Start broadcasting with commentator
    – 11:50 – Setting up a first match
    – 12:00 – Winners Final, Losers 3rd Round
    – 13:00 – Losers Final
    – 14:00 – Grand Final


  • Match 1: Vaisravana (Z) vs breek_ (Z)
  • Match 2: PSiArc (T) vs Kuro (T)
  • Match 3: MasterGODx (P) vs. Holon ^ w ^ (Z)
  • Match 4: Ash (T) vs nemuke (T)


  • 1st Place: 30,000 yen, SteelSeries 6Gv2(Japanese) Gaming Keyboard + Spot for 2nd Grand championship
  • 2nd Place: 15,000 yen、SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-size Headset(Blue) + Spot for 2nd Grand championship
  • 3rd Place: 10,000 yen、SteelSeries 3HD MousePad + Spot for 2nd Grand championship
  • 4th Place: 5,000 yen

The Japanese stream will be available on Matsujun’s TwitchTV channel. Matsujun is the main organizer behind this event, so make sure to follow him on Twitter! As for the English stream, we are currently in talks with a number of organizations but have not yet finalized anything. We are looking for an established English language StarCraft 2 streamer or personality to broadcast the event on their channel. If you think you can broadcast this event, PLEASE respond to this thread or email me at ben at twitch dot tv.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far – we hope to provide entertaining games and expose the world to Japanese RTS!

Exclusive Space Marine sneak peak on TwitchTV today!

If you’re a fan of futuristic shooting, slashing, jetpacking, and smashing, then you’re probably as excited for THQ’s Space Marine as we are. That’s why we are happy to be able to present an EXCLUSIVE pre-launch look at Space Marine today on TwitchTV, starting in 1 hour!

The game is set to launch tomorrow to the masses of international gamers and fans of the Warhammer 40k series, but if you want to get an early look at the game’s single player and multiplayer game modes, you’re in luck. Today, September 5th, TwitchTV Partners Ernest Le and Destructoid will host an exclusive showcase of the upcoming title on their personal channels. This is your opportunity to check out what the game has to offer pre-launch, and should make for a very entertaining show to boot.

Without further ado, the schedule:

Ernest Le

  • 1PM-2PM PST: single player
  • 2PM-3PM PST: multiplayer
  • 4PM-5PM PST: singe player
  • 5PM-6PM PST: multiplayer

If you want to see what TotalBiscuit hails as “perhaps the best 3rd-person shooter I’ve ever played in my life,” then make sure to catch today’s broadcasts. Enjoy!

September 2nd Gears 3 Q & A Stream with Rod Fergusson

We at TwitchTV believe that Gears of War 3 has a lot of potential not only as an eSports title, but as a thriving live-streaming community. That’s why we are excited to announce that Epic Games Director of Production Rod Fergusson will be streaming a LIVE Q & A session tonight on TwitchTV!

A few words from Epic:

Gears of War 3 Swag Bag

Join Epic Games Director of Production Rod Fergusson on Friday, September 2nd (tonight!) at 5:30 p.m. EST for a Q & A live stream about Gears of War 3. Rod announced via Twitter that he’ll be revealing the achievements needed for the Chrome Weapons during the stream. We’re collecting  questions in advance and one lucky fan who posts a question will be randomly chosen to win a Gears of War Swag Bag filled with Gears of War goodies.  Post your Gears 3 questions in the comments for a chance to win.

To watch the live stream, visit the Epic Games page Friday, September 2nd at 5:30 p.m. Eastern. We’ll announce the Swag Bag winner at the end of the broadcast.

Tell your friends, and enjoy 🙂