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While we transition all of your gaming channels over to Twitch we’re trying to get feedback from everyone about what’s missing, what’s broken and what needs to be better. To that end we wanted to quickly talk about some of the things we’re asked about often.

What’s the Transition Mean?

Many people don’t even know what Twitch.tv is or how it relates to Justin.tv. Twitch is the new home of Justin.tv Gaming. That means two things. First that eventually all of your channels and videos will be exclusively on Twitch (don’t worry though – people will still be able to find you through Justin.tv search and the Gaming Directory). Secondly that your Justin.tv account and Twitch.tv account are exactly the same. Your channel, videos, followers, everything you own will be available when using either website. No new accounts required.

Where is Meebo?

Meebo is gone. It most likely will not be coming back. Having spoken with many of you, we understand the need for both private communication as well as a way to discover who is online right now. We plan on adding those features back soon in a more integrated fashion so that we can guarantee its reliability.

Can I show my Info tab by default?

Yes! Check out your channel settings, there’s an option for doing exactly that.

Why can’t we have full channel customization?

Currently, you can only customize your background on Twitch, mostly because our settings page is not set up, but also because we want to create a consistent, easy-to-use experience for all visitors. However, we understand the importance of expressing yourself. Because of this, we have come up with the following three levels of customization:

Everyone will have the current levels of customization that Twitch currently offers as well as the ability to set a “dark” theme.

Producers will have the same level of customization that they had before Twitch. In addition you will be able to pick colors for some of the buttons on the page.

Partners will have a few more options than Producers which have yet to be determined.

Many people have expressed concerns over losing transparent header images. Sadly, because of the new Twitch layout we are unable to accommodate that change. We’re hoping that other changes will allow us to bring this back in the future.

But some pages still look like Justin.tv?!

We are very aware that when you click on some pages (such as settings) you end up back on a page that looks like JTV. There is a very simple answer to this; we did not design that page yet! When we get around to it, this shall be fixed. Sorry for any confusion.

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