TwitchTV Launches Partner Program

We have some big news today! We officially launched the TwitchTV Partner Program. See some of the coverage here and here. See here for the official press release.

What is it?
It’s a way for TwitchTV broadcasters (that’s you) to make money on their channels. We take care of all the ad sales and serving, you simply share in the revenue.

The program is available via an application process, and there are some criteria you must meet as a broadcaster before you are eligible. They are:

To qualify as a TwitchTV Partner, you must:

Meet ALL of the following requirements

  • Minimum concurrent viewers average: 500
  • AND Minimum channel views number: 300,000
  • AND Minimum followers: 1,000

Or, meet ANY of the following requirements

  • Minimum concurrent viewers average: 1,000
  • Minimum channel views number: 800,000
  • Minimum followers: 4,000

For newcomers to live-streaming
Aspiring TwitchTV partners who have not yet streamed live content are also encouraged to apply. They simply need to meet the following criteria with regard to pre-recorded video game content (using YouTube as an example):

  • 25,000 subscribers
  • Average 15,000 views per video
Why become a TwitchTV Partner?
As a TwitchTV partner, you are part of a select group that has access features and benefits, including:
  • Revenue sharing – Partners earn advertising revenue generated on their channels, to be paid out on a monthly basis. handles the ad selling and serving.
  • Automatic transcoding – Viewers will be able to switch between 240/360/480/720p/Best quality options on partner channel. This means partners can broadcast in high quality without leaving out fans with poor Internet connections.
  • Early access to new features – TwitchTV is constantly building new features based on feedback from partners and the greater TwitchTV community. Partners get early insight into these features and are usually the first to try them out.

About Matthew DiPietro

Vice President of Marketing at Twitch.

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  1. If you’re already in the JustinTV Partner Program, are you going to be able to stay in it at TwitchTV as well? Are they one and the same? I’m just worried that I’m going to lose out on the real-time transcoding and revenue sharing if I switch.

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