partnership with TGN TV

Jul 15, 2011 — TGN and officially partnered for live streaming TGN Director gameplay content on! is proud to announce a partnership with the popular Youtube producer of gaming content, TGN TV. TGN Directors produce entertaining gaming content for a multitude of games, including the #1 WoW streamer Towelliee. All of their directors will now be able to show live content at 5 different resolutions for users of all internet speeds, and have complete control over the timing of their ads.

TGN CEO George Vanous shared his thoughts on the deal:

“I personally streamed with Justin TV at E3 2010 over a year ago. Back then, it was a great, easy-to-use service, and now JTV’s gaming specific streaming platform, TwitchTV, is the best live streaming platform available. All of TGN is very excited to be an official revenue-share partner with TwitchTV! Our Directors will now stream all of their live gameplay through personal JTV channels, and we can’t wait to get started!”

TGN Channel Highlight:

“Towelliee’s HD Gaming channel is a place for all gamers to come and have some fun. You will find Hardmode progression raiding as well as run and interaction with the stream when you step through my doors on I am a senior director with TGN and I make video content for World of Warcraft and various other MMO’s and console games.” -Towelliee, a massively entertaining World of Warcraft raider.

About TGN

TGN is a Gaming TV Network on YouTube with over 200 active Shows and thousands of episodes and a massive following. TGN Directors are independent artists who publish their video content on TGN Central at and stream their live video content on at TGN streamers include popular names such as Towelliee, the #1 World of Warcraft streamer, and Dara Mactire, one of the most widely known World of Warcraft PvP guilds.

Other TGN Channels: swiftytv, rurikhan, dontain, bigcisftw, indiegarona, medina4life, neandrathal, deadlyslob, bajheera, radaustin27, daramactire

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  1. It’s really great that people are sharing this infrmotaoin.

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