Justin.tv Gaming = TwitchTV

Justin.tv Launches TwitchTV
About a month ago, we launched TwitchTV. Read some of the news coverage here and here.We created TwitchTV for several reasons:

First, thanks to all of you, the gaming category on Justin.tv has exploded. It has grown to the point where it is clear that gaming deserves its own home and brand, just for gamers. TwitchTV is that home.

Second, while working directly with you, our community, it has become clear that there are gaming-specific features that we wanted to build that didn’t make sense for the wider Justin.tv community. So we are building them into TwitchTV. More on those features below.

Third, we are dedicated to supporting the gaming community at large. TwitchTV was built specifically to help gaming fans connect around the games that they love. This mission is central to everything we do. Having a unique brand like TwitchTV just for gaming helps make that possible.

Justin.tv Channels Become TwitchTV Channels
Now, some information on making the switch. As of Wednesday morning (July 27th), Justin.tv gaming channels will automatically redirect to their corresponding TwitchTV channel. Everything will stay the same – broadcaster archives, embeds, views, followers, etc. will remain untouched, and there will be no interruption in your service whatsoever.

We sincerely hope that you consider this a welcome change. If, however, you do not, broadcasters are free to opt-out of the migration and keep their channel on Justin.tv instead by simply going to their settings page and un-check the “Direct viewers to TwitchTV” option. At some point in the future, we will be switching everyone over to TwitchTV, but we want to make sure we address any concerns that the community might have first. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or other feedback.

Why is TwitchTV awesome?
TwitchTV is awesome because we built it specifically to meet your needs as gaming broadcasters and spectators.

Features and Benefits:

  • Discover channels by game: your viewers can now find your channel according to the game played
  • Front page and directories contain 100% gaming promotion
  • Easy access by all your followers

We are confident that the features and benefits of TwitchTV will enable you to attract more viewers and build an even stronger gaming community.

About FishStix

TwitchTV Outreach Manager

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  1. What does someone do if they broadcast a mix video game play and non-video game play. Will their channel still be on justin.tv but also on twitch.tv when they start casting games? Will there always be an option to redirect to twitch.tv of will video game casts completely disappear from justin.tv eventually?

  2. Congrats!! but you need to implement some kind of delay in live stream for specific games like SC2, LoL, HoN to avoid “ghosting”

  3. Twitch.tv has a long way to go before it becomes as intuitive for gamers as Justin.tv is. If streams I’m following are live, they should appear on the homepage, above all the other games. It’s nice that Justin.tv finally has a working “live followers” page again, if only for gaming channels, but it’s hidden at http://www.twitch.tv/directory/following . As it is, my stream will be hard to find, even by my followers.

    Currently, streams that aren’t broadcasting one of the six most popular games at the moment will never make the list on the front page. Why can’t I pick the games I want to see up there? It’d be great if I could choose to have the top 4 live Super Mario 64 streams on the homepage instead of the top 4 live Starcraft 2 streams, You can’t even filter by game genre anymore. I hope you can get these interface issues solved before all the gaming channels are forced to become Twitch.tv channels. Justin.tv is the only live streaming service that is any good, so please don’t break it before you get Twitch.tv working well.

    • Duly noted – I think we can make the ‘following’ button a little more apparent. I’ll take it up with the guys.

      I also agree that it would be cool to select which games you want on your custom home page. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. it will most likely depend on how much gaming you do I would say jrblaze… I mean, personally speaking, I would say 70% gaming, 30% non gaming would be acceptible… but others would probably say a lot less gaming..
    It mostly would come down to the user I guess.. would you describe your channel as a gaming channel? as an entertainment channel? as a social channel? what is your channels main focus?

    and all of gaming will eventually be moved to twitch.. that is to say, I’m sure games won’t completely disappear from jtv as there are probably a lot of social casts that play games from time to time, but twitch is meant moreso for the gaming community.

    plus.. gaming will still be listed on jtv, it will just redirect to twitch.

    it will be an opt-out option for now jrblaze, meaning you can “opt out” and still be directed to jtv, but like I said, all of the gaming section in jtv will eventually be moved to twitch.

  5. raidenmgs22

    i honestly dont like twitch cause of how chat is. it never loads for me and it makes me kinda mad that i cant simply use jtv chat. it was alot bigger and a little more friendly than twitch. other than that i do believe that twitch makes it a little easier to find games i just wanna watch without finding other junk. but there should be an opt out for those with problems like me, whose been having problems with twitchs chat not loading.

    • Justin.tv and Twitch.tv chat should act the same. We’re pushing updates to the chat backend constantly, so hopefully your issues will be resolved soon.

  6. When you guys say that “at some point in the future, you will be switching everyone over to TwitchTv”, that literally means everyone (including those who don’t broadcast games)?

  7. the new twitchtv emoticons are horrible! bring back the monkey faces!

  8. Will there ever be an option to remove the white box that separates the background from everything else? My banner and background used to blend together on Justin TV, and the white border has ruined that.

  9. +1 on the white background of TwitchTV needs to be removed or at least let the broadcaster have a capability to change it to a different color (or at the very least, to black). I have my stream page setup to look a certain way on JTV, and on Twitch it just looks silly with the white background in the way.

    Also, not a fan of the list of all previous videos as the default and having to click “info” tab. Would much rather have the info listed by default under the stream and then with a tab or link to previous videos. But maybe that’s just me.

    Anyways, hope Twitch brings my channel more viewers! 🙂

  10. Well forget my last statement about the “info” page, looks like you guys updated the profile section so we can make the info default. Great job, lol 🙂

  11. I agree with an above poster that more games should be represented on front page. I stream competitive Super Smash Bros Melee and I would love to get some exposure at some point!

    • We’d love to support more niche gaming communities – just me know next time you have a big event coming up and we can talk about promotion.

  12. I have a couple big upcoming events that I would like to work with you on, where can I talk to you privately? You can just PM me, I can’t find your contact info.

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