ExtraLives “Mop-Up Marathon” Charity Event

Our friends at ExtraLives will be running a 72-hour long charity marathon, starting today. Here’s a bit of info for ya:

“ExtraLives.org is a website that has been raising money for various charities and nonprofits through video gaming Marathons since 2009. During that time, we’ve left quite a few games left unfinished over the years. Remember how our TV died during the Legend of Zelda Marathon and we were unable to finish the GameCube and Wii Twilight Princess race? Or how, despite our best efforts, we never had a chance to finish Super Mario Bros. 2 or even attempt Super Mario Galaxy 2 during our Mario Retrospective Marathon?

To celebrate two years of ExtraLives.org, we’ll be going through the vaults to finish up all the games we never got a chance to complete during our Marathons. Dubbed The Mop-Up Marathon, this Marathon will have an eclectic mix of games that draws from big-name series like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon to horrifically bad games like Superman 64 and Shaq-Fu. We’ll be starting the broadcast at noon, Eastern Time, starting Friday, July 15th. We’re expecting to play for about 72 hours and we hope you stop in!

We’ll be raising money for Free the Children this time around, a charity that provides humanitarian aid to kids in developing nations. We’re aiming to raise at least $8,500 to fund the construction of a schoolhouse somewhere. Donations over $10 are tax deductible and every $5 you donate enters you once in our raffle for an ExtraLives.org T-shirt!”

Check out ExtraLives.org and their TwitchTV channel to tune in to the event!

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