New gaming broadcaster features and TwitchTV Opt-In launched

Today is a very exciting day for us at the offices, as it marks the first major roll-out of new gaming features since TwitchTV’s official launch, and the ability to “Opt-In” to TwitchTV. Please take a second to review all the great stuff coming through the pipeline for YOU, our faithful users 🙂

  • 480p VOD transcodes for gaming partners – all newly recorded VODs by gaming partners will now be rendered into 480p! For viewers with slow connections, this means buffer time on VODs should be significantly reduced. At some point we hope to extend this to all content libraries, but that will take a while (and a lot of hard drive space).
  • /help command in chat – ever wonder exactly what you can do to customize your channel’s chat? Well wonder no more, as all chat commands are now accessible via our handy /help tool. To see all commands, simply type /help in chat!
  • TwitchTV chat upgrades – TwitchTV chat now behaves like chat did, and then some. You can now pop-out chat, browse through the viewers list, toggle Time Stamps, and customize your channel’s chat via convenient buttons and checkboxes. Oh yeah, new smiley faces too 😀
TwitchTV Opt-In:
As you probably realized, your TwitchTV channel retains all of the views, followers, and VODs from your old channel. The “Opt-In” is just that, an optional feature, so if you need more time to inform your viewers of your new TwitchTV channel, that’s just fine. However, the first step towards converting all of our gaming streams over to TwitchTV is now in action – we’ve given gaming broadcasters the ability to “Opt-In” to TwitchTV. This means that broadcasters can now make their normal channels automatically refer users to their TwitchTV channel, via a channel setting.  More eyeballs on TwitchTV will help us continue to bug test and refine TwitchTV’s layout and features, so please let us know what you think!
Remember, TwitchTV is still in beta. We are committed to created the best possible platform for gaming broadcasters and fans. Stay tuned, many more updates are coming soon!

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