DreamHack kicks off with more streams than EVER before

DreamHack Summer kicks off in this weekend starting Saturday, 1AM Pacific Standard Time with more streams from a single event than EVER before in eSports history. That’s right folks, whether you enjoy Starcraft 2Quake LiveCounter-Strike 1.6League of LegendsHeroes of NewerthBloodline Champions, or Super Street Fighter IV, DreamHack will be serving you more streams than you can possibly consume in 1 weekend. There will be broadcasts in multiple different languages, catching ALL the action from each major tournament!

To find all of these streams and more, you need not look any further than DreamHack TV OR TwitchTV’s DreamHack directory. Stay tuned all weekend long, and make sure to follow @TwitchTV on Twitter as we will be tweeting about our favorite matches and results.

Starcraft 2

Prize Pool:

  1. 100 000 SEK
  2. 50 000 SEK
  3. 25 000 SEK
  4. 13 000 SEK
Counter-Strike 1.6

Prize Pool:

  • 100 000 SEK Total
Quake Live

Prize Pool:

  • 40 000 SEK TDM
  • 40 000 SEK Duel Tournament
  • 10 000 SEK TONY FFA
Bloodline Champions

Prize Pool:

  1. 6 000 USD
  2. 3 000 USD
  3. 1 000 USD
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Prize Pool:
  1. 12 000 SEK + Products from Energizer and Madcatz
  2. 5 000 SEK + Products from Energizer and Madcatz
  3. 3 000 SEK + Products from Energizer and Madcatz
Heroes of Newerth

Prize Pool:

  1. 55 000 SEK + qualified to DreamHack Winter 2011
  2. 30 000 SEK
  3. 15 000 SEK
League of Legends
Prize Pool:
  • $100,000 USD
In general, the broadcasts will begin at around 10AM CEST and run for 12-14 hours. Make sure to see the official DreamHack Summer 2011 website for more information!

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